Plant & Machinery


  • Tip trucks with super dog float
  • Water truck with 15,000L potable water tank
  • Fully set up maintenance truck


  • Multiple Case backhoes

Skid Steer Loaders

  • Multiple Case skid steer loaders; including one painted PINK supporting the McGrath Foundation


  • Toyota Coaster 21 seat coaches to mine specification


  • Case 21t excavator
  • Case 13t excavator
  • Case 8t excavator
  • Kubota 5t excavator
  • Kubota 3.5t excavator
  • Kubota 1.6t excavators with tipping trailer
  • Assorted attachments including rock hammer and borer


  • Fully set up vehicles equipped with plumbing tools to mine specifications

Other Plant and Machinery

  • Dingo with attachments and trailer
  • Trench rollers (sheepsfoot and smooth drum)
  • CCTV camera unit
  • Pipe lasers 
  • Roll groover
  • Confined space gear including gas detection systems
  • Site offices and 40ft works containers
  • Poly pipe trailer